On this page you will find a list of the network’s ongoing work groups, as well as a list of upcoming projects or work groups on our “wish list”.

The lists are an attempt to create transparency and community among the members of the network, so that together we can make a difference.

If you have good ideas for some of the ongoing projects or want to lend a hand, you are more than welcome to contact the listed contact person. If you have ideas for new projects, ideas for the projects on the wish list, or want to be the lead on one of them, you are very welcome to write to the network.

Current projects

  • Reading groups for members of the network (Contact: Maya Johanne Rexen) ­– read more here
  • Planning events for spring and summer
  • Collating resources: alternative syllabi, gender and diversity policies/initiatives, people with knowledge about female and non-binary thinkers. (Contact: Jelena Bundalovic)
  • Strategy for the network’s online presence
    • Social media (Facebook: Alexsiw Steiaholt | LinkedIn: Jelena Bundalovic)
    • Web (Contact: Maya Johanne Rexen)
    • Newsletter (Contact: Alexsiw Steiaholt or Maya Johanne Rexen)
    • Pr-merchandise (Contact: Rikke Malena Aarestrup)